Zombie Survival Adventure Game

“The Zombie Apocalypse has begun. Horribly enough, right here in The Party, with our friends and lovers. You need to find the antidote to survive…” A zombie survival adventure game over multiple locations with soft weapons. Light weight, high impact immersive experience, for Survivors and Zombies alike.

Skills: Interactive Theatre Playing locations: ‘Regent Street Studio’ London 2014; ‘Nowhere’ Burning Man regional, Spain 2015; ‘The Borderland‘ Burning Man regional, Copenhagen 2015.

Physical Description

Between a small contained area of 1 – 4 “base sites”, face painted zombies will be roaming to tag survivors who are on a mission to retrieve the antidote (cocktails in jars). The initial base site, the Zombie Defense Academy (ZDA), is where new players are initiated into the game world. Here they are given some storylines, instructions, a foam weapon and a “life harness”, a easily removed reflective tape band around their neck, which shows they are playing the game. Survivors then make their way to the antidote site where they are told the antidote is, avoiding/hitting/getting tagged by zombies along the way. Another site is the Zombie Church. The initial site of infection, here rituals are performed, creating additional Zombies, either captured Survivors or new Zombie Players. Here the Zombie Religion is given, and if Zombie can capture enough life harness then they can return here to experience “the rapture”.