If “->” is seen as insertion, as input, as a black box function…

And “re:” is seen as an optional prefix, implying redo/relook/recursion…etc…


This is a show regarding self->re:composition and self->re:representation. (Pause)

Contained between the self->re:fractured and the self->produced, this solo persona spirals around re:representations by a prosthetic self->puppet and video feedback. Finding fractal self similarity in the representation of the representation.

This can be seen, in no particular order, as:

0) A non-dualistic ritual, merging the self with the camera, self with the puppet, self with Shamanic music, self with the projected image : – to produce the re:combined self.

1) Attentively re:routing and letting go to allow self->organisation out of the structured chaos of multiple cameras, projectors and selves.

2) A complex re:com:position, onto, into, through each other, for the Other:

a mash up

a self->made mash up

a mash up of the self

Skills Physical Theatre, Puppetry, Video Date Premiered 2012 Context Uferstudios, Berlin Rep Festival, New York City

Working from Mark Coniglio’s model for “Digital Intervention” instead of “Digital Reflection”, Keith succeeds in producing a show where he is the co-creator with the technology. Using multiple camera, multi projector video feedback and puppetry, “re:self” re:questions the self through refracted, rerouted, mandala like imagery.

What is real? What is re:reproduced? Does any difference matter?