Battle Spree in the ‘GEE


The ultimate challenge, battle royale, clash of the titans, history in the making. Finally, a battle the likes of which we’ve never seen before, from this very stadium.

Get conformable. Make yourself at home. Sit back and watch the sparks fly.

This project will presented a fully playable fighting video game featuring MCG sporting archetypes. The Colonial Batsman VS the Cocky Spin Bowler VS the Athletic AFL player VS the Yobbo Fan!

This “Mortal Kombat” style game will draws upon the rich histories of sporting characters, to playfully tell their stories and comically reference their code’s distinct characteristics through the game’s attacks. These virtual battles are placed in within iconic images of the MCG, real and imagined: the dressing room, the temple of Bradman, the side alley, and within colonial history.

Green screen animation, MUGEN (2D Fighting Game engine) programming, Arcade Cabinet restoration/hacking

Date Premiered

We Australians exhibition, National Galleries Victoria, Federation Square, Melbourne 2012
Sports Club event, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne Cricket Ground 2010

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